Offering Origami Helmets to the God’s statues

In mid-May, bright new greenery surrounds our studio.

It is the season when the fragrance of the flowers and grasses refreshes our souls, but it is also the time of year when we are more susceptible to illness due to the changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. From deep in the mountains of Kochi pref in Japan, I wish you a healthy and happy season.

On “Tango-no Sekku”(端午の節句 ; one of the Japanese seasonal festivals), we celebrated the holiday by folding origami helmets and making sanshoku-botamochi (three-colored rice cakes) to wish for good health.

Since it was also Children’s Day, our daughter took the lead in arranging the ceremony and put origami helmets not only on stuffed toys but also on statues of Gods. We wonder if the Gods tolerated it because it was Children’s Day.

Of course, our kittens were no exception.
We wish you all, little ones, good health from now on.

When we hold seasonal events, even if those are not formal, we can deeply feel the blessings of nature. The wisdom of our ancestors is truly something to be thankful for. It is reassuring to be connected to the lifestyle of the past for us.

Now, the next step is cleaning in preparation for the rainy season.
Have a nice season !

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