Kidori stage of Pedestal (1)

Cut sculpture wood from unprocessed timber

The design for the pedestal and halo of the Yakushi Nyorai at Dougakuji Temple has been decided and work has begun on the pedestal. Click here for the previous article→”New production of pedastal and halo”.

Next stage is Kidori(木取り).
Kidori means cutting the sculpture wood needed from unprocessed timber.

The first step is careful selection of lumber.
I found the best wood from the stock that had been stored for five years.

I will create the both of pedestal and halo of Japanese cypress, to match the Nyorai’s body, which is also made of cypress. Even if it is the same cypress, they have individuality, we have to choose the appropriate one for the pedestal while imagining the finished product.

As you know, it is difficult to assessment the inside of the lumber which cannot be seen.

I observe the lumber from all directions while analyzing the surface condition, including not only the grain and texture of the wood, but also whether or not there are any knots, and if so, where they are located and how far they extend. This is especially important when using a bare surface finish or an old color finish that directly colors the wood, as the selection of the lumber will determine the quality of the finished product.

The second step is sawing the lumber.
I determine the dimensions of the lumber to be cut based on the completion plan, and saw them.

Sawing lumber

Preparing the lumber may be the most strenuous part of the work. Once I cut lumber, I plane them smooth while taking the verticals.

Planing lumber

Fortunately, I was able to finish this step before the full down summer has come. Please be careful of heat stroke !

Kidori stage is a process where an attitude and feeling are brewing and maturing. It is a precious time for me.

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